Bereavement -- We bereave when we lose someone or something; it is natural.  People cope with the loss of a loved one in many different ways. Some handle their grief better than others but all grieve the loss in some way.  With the loss often comes change; and change impacts each one's life. 
Here at Saint Catherine of Sienna Parish we reach out to those in need of support due to the loss of a loved one.  We host the meeting of those who initially experience a loss.  The group is facilitated by a trained individual and meets for a specific number of weeks.  We also host a follow up group for those that may need additional support beyond their initial need.

Bereavement Group I "Newly Bereaved" is for newly bereaved individuals dealing with initial change or loss after a loved one's death. 

Our Bereavement Group II "Moving On" is for those that may need additional support; and one participates in this group after attending Group I.

                                 The butterfly is a symbol of hope,
                                 the symbol of new life and

the symbol of those who are bereaved.
Before it becomes a butterfly though,
 it must spend time in a cocoon.

We have to grieve, hurt, be angry, and 
  struggle to free ourselves
   from the cocoon of grief.

                                        And one day we do emerge
                                       - a beautiful butterfly
                                         a stronger person,
                                     a more compassionate person,
                                      a more understanding person.
                                - Author unknown