Liturgy & Worship Ministry

Serving God at the Mass & Beyond

Liturgy & Worship Ministry -- There are many opportunities for children, teens and adults in this ministry.  Most ministers serve during a Mass; however, others serve outside the Mass which includes Ministers of Adoration, Consolation and those that assist in preparation for reception of Sacraments of Baptism and Marriage.  

Altar Servers enhance the quality of the liturgy at celebration of the Eucharist - the Mass by taking part in processions, ensuring all liturgical items required are available for the presiding celebrant priest, assisting the celebrant at the offertory presentation of gifts, holding missal book, carrying candles, ringing bells and more in their serving. We invite males and females age 10 & up (4th Grade or more) to participate in this ministry.
Training is a must prior to being assigned following commission/appointment as a server.


Music Ministers are an integral part of any liturgy as they lead and assist those faithful assembled in participation of Mass prayers and praise through song.  Cantors lead the faithful for the Responsorial Psalm and hymns.  Our Adult Choir and Youth Choir encourage congregation to sing at Mass; the organist and other musicians enrich worship and praise of our Lord using their talent in playing musical instruments. Read More

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
assist Ordinary Ministers (bishop, priests, and deacons) in distributing the Body and Blood of Christ to the faithful assembled at daily and weekend Mass when needed.  They also may distribute Holy Communion to the homebound and those individuals temporarily or permanently in adult care facilities, nursing homes, and local hospitals.  Adults & Young People, Age 16 and above interested in serving must participate in interview, selection process, diocesan and parish training prior to being commissioned and assigned in this parish ministry.


Ushers—Greeters both welcome members of parish and community as they arrive at liturgical and spiritual events; helping members of congregation needing assistance.  Ushers assist with collection of gifts of treasure (material resources and monies) offered during Mass at the Offertory with the presentation of gifts. They recruit members of congregation to present the gifts.  Ushers ensure parish information and materials such as bulletin are made available for all families, friends, and visitors upon departure of parish liturgies.

Lectors proclaim the Word of the Lord at Mass during the Liturgy of the Word sharing Old and New Testament Readings prior to priest or deacon proclaiming the Gospel.  Lectors may be seen carry the Book of Gospels in the entrance procession and may also assist the celebrant, thge priest, in leading Prayer of the Faithful for the faithful assembled.  Adults & Young People, age 16 & older,  must participate in interview, selection process and training prior to being commissioned and then assigned to a Mass.  

Sacristans & Liturgical Environment Team are adults and young people working together to ensure the appropriate maintenance and care of church space - altar, sanctuary and vestibles - in our Church and Saint Catherine of Sienna Chapel in Sienna Center, the upper and lower sacristy and other surrounding areas.  The team also assists in maintenance of liturgical items such as altar cloths, candles, vestments, placement and care of flowers and other décor for liturgical seasons and events.

Adoration Minister - Regular Adorer  is someone who makes a committment to a specific hour and day of the week to repeatedly serve as a guardian of the Blessed Sacrament at the Adoration Chapel.  Most often two or more individuals in prayer in the Presence of Jesus Christ throughout the 24 hour period, day and evening.  Read More  

  Baptism Minister in Preparation of Baptism of a Child - Individuals, couples, Deacons may provide support to parents or guardians in preparation for the Baptism of their child.  Baptism Prep sessions review their parental role for spiritual growth of child. Contact parish for available dates.
Consolation Minister -- Assists the Family who has lost a Loved One during their immediate time of loss.  Consolation Ministers provide support to the Family in the planning of the Funeral Mass which is part of Rite of Christian Burial.  The Consolation Minister and Companions attend the Mass for support to the Family and others in attendance.   Pre-Cana Couple in Preparation of Marriage - A married couple that provides insight and support to engaged couples as they prepare for Sacrament of Marriage.  Engaged couples attend pre-wedding sessions prior to marriage for better understanding of one another and the Sacrament.