Family Ministry

Something for Everyone!

 A family is a group of people, adults and children, that reside in the same household, share meals and do things together. They are individuals united in heart through their time together, memories and family activities.

Our Parish Family is very similar in that it consists of adults and children who come together weekly in the same sacred space—our Church and Sienna Center.  Parishioners young and old come to the Table of the Lord at Mass and share nourishment of the soul through Holy Eucharist, participate in spiritual and social activities and are united in spirit, prayer and heart.

A few of the ways people - families - can get involved here in our Faith Community include:
Participating as a Family at Family Mass - 9:30AM Sundays in the Sienna Center; attending spiritual and social events offered throughout the year; and taking part in a variety of ministry groups and opportunities available at our parish geared to different interests and ages which include:

Boy Scouts Religious Awards
Confraternity of Christian Mothers  
Girl Scouts Religious Awards Program
Knights of Columbus - Twelve Apostles Council #5001
St. Catherine's Youth Ministry - Youth Group, Young Adults, Adult Support
SPORTS-CYO Basketball 
SPORTS-CYO Volleyball 

We have over 4,800 households registered with great diversity; families include married couples with and without children, singles, senior citizens, newlyweds and residents not only of Franklin Square but surrounding communities, too.  Get involved in parish life - there are many opportunities and so much is happening here at Saint Catherine of Sienna Parish!