Parish Ministry Directory

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Liturgical Ministry A ministry that  provides assistance and enhances the praise and worship of Our Lord.  It encompasses those volunteer ministers that serve primarily for  celebration of the Eucharist, the Mass and includes Altar Servers, Ushers, Musicians, Lectors and more. 

Others in this ministry help in preparation for the Sacraments of Baptism, Holy Eucharist, Reconciliation, Confirmation, Marriage.  This includes the education of children and adults in forming their faith; and assistance for those that have lost a loved one and more.  There are opportunities for men, women, teens and children.

Prayer/Devotion/Scripture Ministry: Prayer is an essential part of our faith.  Devotion to Our Lord, Mary through Marian Devotions and the study of scripture and faith sharing are all part of the spiritual life of our parish.

As a strong faith community we have a deep commitment of prayer in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament; silent prayer in the Real Presence of Christ.  We also have more than a dozen different groups including a number of Marian Devotion groups, a Padre Pio Prayer Group, charismatic and small community prayer groups.  

Family Ministry: Our parish provides a variety of spiritual and social activities geared specifically for different members of our parish family and your family.  We have groups that consist of senior citizens, young adults, men, women, teens and children -- all ages and many different interests.  

Many of the groups have specific areas of interest which is geared to a certain group by age, gender or similar interests.  In addition many of the groups provide a variety of charitable works or do service projects for others outside and inside the parish community.  Interests may include service, charity, sports, trips, meeting others, entertainment, fun, play and spending time with people of similar age or interests. All are welcome to participate!  

Social Outreach Ministry:  Serving those in need, the poor in spirit and providing assistance where necessary is part of the good work of this ministry.  Families and individuals may need temporary aide and help at times in their life and we are here to serve.

In addition to providing food and daily living sunpplies through our Outreach Food Pantry, we also provide financial assistance for those that qualify.  Other aspects of ourtreach include folowing our Catholic Social Teachings with support for those in bereavement, serving those with special needs and the marginalized; ensuring respect of and dignity for human life through our Respect Life Committee and more.  We depend on volunteers and your support through donations to the Poor Box.  

Administration Ministry: Every parish has standard temporal needs in order to provide programs, services and activities important to parish life, maintenance of worship space and property, upkeep of databases,, sacramental records and many regular parish services available at our Welcome Desk. 

With a relatively small staff and many dedicated volunteers our parish meets the needs of the many through its work in Stewardship, Development and Operations through the Parish Office, Faith Formation Office, Social Outreach Office, and work in Facilities Management and Clerical Support. Volunteers are welcome and assist in supporting daily business operations.