Memorials & Tribute Giving

Gift in Memory or Honor of Loved One, Family, Friend, Special Occassion

Memorial-Tribute Gifting — A memorial is an expression of charity (love) in memory of one’s  living or deceased relative or friend.  A tribute, in the name of a person or group, is an honor and/or compliment; an acknowledgment of a special life experience, time, event or accomplishment.  Probably the most familiar memorial is the Mass Intention with a card. Also available are the Sanctuary Lamp, Wine and Hosts used during Masses.  Another tribute could  be supporting weekly works in our Outreach Program also with a card; donors receive recognition in our weekly bulletin.  Memorials or tributes may also include an item within the parish complex such as special artwork, liturgical item and more. (Available throughout the year)

Memorials and Tributes Currently Available:

Sanctuary Lamp - The red lamp located in the church sanctuary which is lighted whenever the Body of Christ, the Eucharist, is in the Tabernacle.

Wine & Hosts at Masses - The unconsecrated wine and hosts brought up to celebrant at Masses that is then consecrated by priest and distributed to faithful assembled and the sick. 

Work in Outreach/Helping Those in Need - Funds used to provide support and assistance to those in need throughout the week through the efforts of Parish Outreach Services.

A simple donation of $25 provides recognition of person or group in our weekly bulletin, acknowledgement of donor and a card to be given to express your kindness in sympathy or for tribute.  Available at the SCS Welcome Desk during regular hours.