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Worship of Our Lord

Due to Coronavirus pandemic there may be some restrictions in place to ensure the safety and security of worship environment.  For latest updates Coronavirus & Our Church

Daily Mass:   
  Monday—Friday      8:00AM   (SCS Church, Franklin Square)
  Monday, Wednesday, Friday   

                                   8:30AM   (SVDP/Elmont)

  Saturday                  8:00AM   (SCS Church, Franklin Square)

Weekend Mass:

  Saturday                  4:30PM   (Sienna Center, Saint Catherine of Sienna Chapel)


  Sunday                     7:30AM   (SCS Church)


                                   8:45AM   (SVDP Church, Elmont campus)    

(Sienna Center
, Saint Catherine of Sienna Chapel)


                                  11:00AM   (Sienna Center, Saint Catherine of Sienna Chapel)


                                  11:30AM   (SCS Church)


                                    1:00PM   (Sienna Center, Saint Catherine of Sienna Chapel)


Holy Days of Obligation: 8:00AM and 12 Noon; Vigil Mass on eve of Holy Day at 7:00PM 

                                                (check bulletin for more details closer to date)


Family & Youth Masses: Our Parish provides numerous opportunities for our young people and their families to participate  together in Celebration of the Eucharist - the Mass. * 

  • Teens & Young Adults* - temporarily not regularly due to CoVid19; previously 2nd Sunday of Month, 1:00PM,  Sienna Center, Saint Catherine of Sienna Chapel.  Youth Ministry Group leads faithful in song, with teens and young adults serving as Lectors and Cantors.  All are Welcome!  
  • Family Masses* - temporarily no regularly scheduled due to CoVid19; previously 9:30AM Children's Mass with Youth Choir; 11:00AM Youth/Teens Scheduled to participate in different aspects of Mass.  All are welcome!  

Our SCS Church and Sienna Center/SCS Chapel are handicap accessible.  Ramp and elevator located on Holzheimer Street at Sienna Center Main Entrance; and access ramp located to right of Church building behind the Rectory.

Due to CoVid19 and its challenges Family & Youth Mass schedules have been temporarily revised.

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