Mass Schedule & More

Worship of Our Lord

Daily Mass:   
  Monday—Friday      8:00AM   (SCS Church, Franklin Square)
            8:30AM   (SVDP/Elmont)

  Monday---Friday    12:10PM (SCS Church, Franklin Square)

  Saturday                  8:00AM   (SCS Church, Franklin Square)

Weekend Mass:

  Saturday                  4:30PM   (Sienna Center, Saint Catherine of Sienna Chapel)


  Sunday                     7:30AM   (SCS Church)


                                   8:45AM   (SVDP Church, Elmont campus)    

(Sienna Center
, Saint Catherine of Sienna Chapel)


                                  11:00AM   (Sienna Center, Saint Catherine of Sienna Chapel)


                                  11:30AM   (SCS Church)


                                    1:00PM   (Sienna Center, Saint Catherine of Sienna Chapel)


Holy Days of Obligation: 8:00AM and 12:10PM; Vigil Mass on eve of Holy Day 

                                                (check bulletin for specific times closer to date)


Family & Youth Masses: Our Parish provides numerous opportunities for our young people and their families to participate  together in Celebration of the Eucharist - the Mass. * 

  • Teens & Young Adults* - temporarily postponed.  Previously 2nd Sunday of Month, 1:00PM,  Sienna Center, Saint Catherine of Sienna Chapel.  Youth Ministry Group had led faithful in song, with teens and young adults serving as Lectors and Cantors.  All Welcome!  
  • Family Masses* - temporarily postponed.  Previously 9:30AM Children's Mass with Youth Choir; 11:00AM Youth/Teens Scheduled to participate in different aspects of Mass.  All Welcome!  

Our SCS Church and Sienna Center/SCS Chapel are handicap accessible. 
Ramp and elevator located on Holzheimer Street at Sienna Center Main Entrance;
and access ramp located to right of Church building behind the Rectory.

Due to Coronavirus pandemic all need to consider others to ensure the safety and security of all
within the worship environment.  For latest updates click 
Coronavirus & Our Church

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