Prayer - Devotions - Scripture Study

Devotion to Jesus, Mary, Saints

Prayer - Devotion - Scripture Study comes in various forms at Saint Catherine of Sienna Parish.  
Prayer strengthens our relationship with God.  It may be formal as the prayer Jesus taught us, the Our Father; or informal as in having a simple conversation and sharing with God.  We have a few different prayers available. 
For a variety of prayers click here.

Saint Catherine of Sienna Parish also offers opportunity to participate in a variety of Prayer-Devotion-Scripture Study ministry groups that meet regularly throughout the year with a variety of activities and options for participation.  Some meet weekly, others monthly.  All enhance the spiritual life of our parish.

Saint Catherine of Sienna Parish Groups have included:
Apostles of Divine Mercy (Divine Mercy Chaplet Prayer)
Cenacle of Immaculate Heart of Mary - Refuge of Souls
Christ the King Prayer Community
Cup of Prayer (In Home Program)
Endow Women's Study/Prayer Group
Garden Care Nursing Home Community Prayer Group
Legion of Mary (Local Chapter)
Light of Christ Prayer Group
Madonna DiTrapani Prayer Group
Magnificat Prayer Group
Men of Faith Scripture Study/Prayer Group
Neocatechumenal Way (Life Community Groups)
Our Lady of Fatima - Pilgrim Statue (In Home Program)
Our Lady of Rosary Makers
Padre Pio Prayer Group
Sunday Scripture Study During the Day 

We periodically host an evening of prayer or special devotion during the year such as our Parish Mission or Summer Scripture Study.  Check our weekly Parish Bulletin for current prayer, devotion and scripture study opportunities; available on this website.

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